Days Gone By

I guess the name “Days Gone By “Can take on a few different meanings. From the classic rock genre that gives the band its signature sound, to the years that, so quickly ,pass us by. But “Days Gone By “can be more Characterized as, four guys that live and breathe music. Its that simple, DGB was formed in a garage during the fall of 2017 with the members Barry Musseau ,Adam Cross , Nick Billard and Aaron Cross. It wasn’t long before the band was up and running with a list of classic tunes from the 60’s to the 90’s. Making a playlist that can be enjoyed by all ages. Bring back numbers from the Beatles, Springsteen, Fogerty & Segar. Also from great Canadian artist like Trooper & Jimmy Rankin!

Besides the venues around town and neighboring clubs. the band has been invited to play a few venues on the road. The 2018 Codroy Valley Folk Festival & the 2018 Strawberry Festival in Deer Lake, Sharing the stage with Blue Rodeo’s very own Jim Cuddy.

“Days Gone By” is a powerhouse of Talent & Heart. From the 3 piece vocals, that can often in times sound like a choir, to face melting/heartbreaking guitar solos, to chunky bass runs & drum that you can feel in your soul.

But in the End ,DGB has always been about playing the music they grew up listening to and bringing people together for the best of times

Playing ” High School Reunion” August 4th, 2022