Kevin Smith Magic

Kevin Smith, who goes by the stage name “Mr. Smith,” is one of Ottawa’s most entertaining up and coming illusionists. His passion for magic shines through in every performance, as he dazzles the mind and has his audience roll with laughter throughout his shows.

Kevin’s story is one of remarkable passion and dedication for his craft. Having discovered his love for magic over ten years ago, Kevin has devoted his energy to learning the ancient art of illusion, carefully preparing strolling and stage performances for audiences of all ages and of any walk of life. Soon after diving into the craft of mind-bending and magic, he had to make the greatest decision of his life: to continue with his career as a licensed carpenter or to completely embark on the adventure of mystifying and thoroughly entertaining his audiences? Kevin chose the latter and after having successfully performed 200 shows in just his first year as a full time magician, he never looked back.

In 2017 and early 2018, Kevin took his show around the world and performed in 19 cities across 13 countries. With nothing more than pockets full of tricks, he used magic to meet people, go on exciting adventures, and cover his expenses. 

Today, Kevin continues to research and learn new material for his performances in order to keep his audience constantly on their toes. He is able to trick the mind and eyes while maintaining a happy, light, friendly, and thoroughly entertaining atmosphere, always adapted to his spectators. 

Keep an eye out for Kevin’s magic shows across Newfoundland in celebration of the province’s Come Home Year 2022 events!