Monkeytown, hence the nickname for the band’s hometown of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, was formed in 2019. Since it’s inception, they have been highlighted at special events and festivals throughout the Maritime Provinces, including the CFL’s Touchdown Atlantic. The group has also been noted for their contributions with charity events like, The IWK childrens foundation, The Rebecca Schofield Fund, and Habitat For Humanity, just to name a few.
The band members consist of founder and former Old School’s frontman Paul Lea on bass & lead vocals, Miramichi’s Tim Gallant on Lead Guitar, Jim Walling on keyboards & guitar, and Dan Hamilton on drums from St. John’s, NL.
Together, with their upbeat live performances, will keep you on your toes with music from the 60s, right up to modern day hits. Monkeytown is a sure way of entertaining audiences of all age groups, through their years of musical experience and versatility of all genres.

Playing “Street Dance” July 31st, 2022